The beauty company grew the plants used for the formulas at a vertical farm in France and selected jars and bottles from Bormioli Luigi, mainly from its green collection, ecoLine. The brand’s vision extends throughout the value chain, meaning lightweight packaging and décor using recycled, recyclable materials, manufactured in Europe, was the obvious choice.

“We have chosen to work with industrial partners that share our values. Bormioli Luigi helped us respond to our need for packaging with a strong identity that is ethically produced and respects the environment,” says Lindsay Azpitarte, the brand’s founder. It selected, from the ecoLine lightweight range, the Verdi bottle for In&Out Avoir It All Oil, the ecoBottle bottle in a 100 ml format and the 50 ml ecoJar. For the small formats in the range, the 15 ml Aphrodite jar from Bormioli Luigi’s ready-to-go product catalog was selected.

Containing post-consumer recycled glass, the customizable ecoLine collection allows for a 50% reduction in raw material usage — a 100ml container can weigh as little as 80 g. The products in the collection offer the same levels of shock resistance and high-end quality as every single product in the glassmaker’s portfolio.