With the versatile Pure-Line portfolio, based on either PP or PE, SÜDPACK and SN Maschinenbau are coming together at Fachpack 2022 in Nuremberg to present a solution that is both innovative and sustainable for the packaging of a broad variety of products in bags. 

SÜDPACK has further expanded its tried and tested Pure-Line product family, which reflects the spirit of the times – and especially that of the visitors to the trade fair. At Fachpack this year as well, the focus is on automated, cost-effective solutions that also go easy on resources and the environment while ensuring maximum product quality.

In addition to recyclable mono-materials based on polypropylene, the SÜDPACK portfolio also includes solutions made of polyethylene. Both film structures offer the properties that are necessary for efficient and safe packaging, particularly of food products in doypacks. The spectrum of applications ranges from grated cheese to air-dried sausages and jerky, to nuts, dried fruit and snacks and right through to coffee, tea, herbs and spices. Depending on the products to be packaged, high-performance films can be equipped with different barrier properties. Based on what is needed, the doypacks can be aroma-proof and provide optimal protection against moisture, UV radiation or oxygen.

An additional advantage is the excellent machinability of the materials due to their broad sealing range, which results in a high level of process and packaging reliability. At the same time, the formation of the sealing layer ensures the simple and efficient in-line application of common resealing systems – such as zippers – which are already available on the market for flat bags and doypacks.

Last but not least, the Pure-Line can also be printed using SÜDPACK’s newly developed and pioneering SPQ printing technology, which is setting standards in flexo printing with its low carbon footprint and was honored with the German Packaging Award in gold in 2021.

Flexible and User-Friendly HFFS Bag Packaging Machine

SÜDPACK’s innovative and particularly sustainable film concept will be presented in Nuremberg on the SN bag packaging machine FME 20. The latest innovation by SN German Pouch-Pack Technology is an affordable, flexible and compact bag packaging machine for forming, filling and sealing three- and four-side sealed bags and doypacks. The bags can be filled with products of various consistencies using the appropriate dosing devices and sealed. Without any difficulties or loss in speed or quality, modern recyclable materials such as PurePP or PurePE can be processed with an output quantity of up to 180 bags per minute.

The FME 20 impresses with its reliable SN technology and provides quick and easy access to the world of flexible bag packaging. It is designed to be a simple and efficient bag packaging machine and is very easy to operate. The central gripper adjustment on the rotary table and the optimized height adjustment of the folding wedge contribute to a reduction of format changeover times, which greatly simplifies the operation of the machine.

A Solution “On the Cutting Edge”

Both partners are expecting a great deal of interest among visitors at Fachpack from all industrial fields because the trend towards particularly resource-conserving, recyclable materials will continue. SÜDPACK is currently faced with increased demand, especially from brand manufacturers: “As a market and technology leader in our industry, we aligned our product and performance portfolio early on to meet the new requirements in the market – and have already demonstrated our expertise in the field of sustainable packaging solutions with much-noted pilot and development projects. We are now in a position to offer our customers solutions that are pioneering in terms of material efficiency, recyclability, renewable raw materials and circular economy,” explained Holger Hoss, who as Product Manager is responsible for the flow pack solutions at SÜDPACK. 

“We will be presenting our new FME 20 bag packaging machine at Fachpack. With this machine model, we have expanded our product portfolio of simple and standardized bag packaging machines to include a duplex version. With an output of up to 180 bags per minute, the FME 20 is ideally suited for mid-range output requirements. It can easily process mono-materials, such as PurePP and PurePE from SÜDPACK, into high-quality bags and efficiently fill them with food products, such as bulky goods, powder and granules, but also non-food products and lotions,” added Felix Eberhardi, Marketing Manager at SN Maschinenbau.