Videojet Technologies, a global supplier of coding and marking systems, recently announced the availability of a 6-inch tamp applicator for its innovative Videojet 9550 Print & Apply Labeler for cases and pallets.

The Videojet 9550 print and apply system has proven widely successful due to the groundbreaking design that eliminates the mechanical adjustments, wear parts and failure points that can cause everyday operational problems in other label print and apply (LPA) systems. Building on the available Videojet 9550 4-inch tamp model, the new 9550 6-inch tamp model offers even more flexibility when labeling pallets, bundles and cases of variable heights.

Requiring minimal adjustments to its mounting orientation because it can accommodate longer labels, the 9550 6-inch tamp printhead meets a growing need for manufacturers who label shrink and stretch-wrapped pallets. The 6-inch tamp printhead features a dynamic auto re-track system that allows the applicator to sense different heights on boxes and retract when it contacts the box surface. The auto re-track system can serve as a safety feature, and thanks to the applicator’s swing pivot, the 9550 6-inch tamp gives operators easy access for cleaning, maintenance and replacing labels.  

“With a 6-inch tamp, you can use labels that measure up to 6 inches in length, whether mounting the printer vertically or horizontally on its stand. This means manufacturers can include even more pertinent information in the available space on the label to accommodate industry requirements,” said Carl Chaplin, Product Manager for Videojet.

The standard unit features a 6x6 inch tamp pad. Taller labels can be accommodated with an optional 6x8 inch tamp pad size.