Valley Food Storage offers storage-ready packaged food items that are made from clean and simple ingredients, and free from additives and fillers. The Valley Food Storage Bug Out Bag is packaged in the U.S. and can be stored in the kit's conveniently sized VFS Dry Bag in the home, car, or office for use in response to unexpected emergencies.

Valley Food Storage's new 15-piece emergency food, water, and shelter survival kit is on sale for 25% off for a limited time. As natural disasters and other emergencies impact more U.S. residents each year, emergency preparedness is more important than ever. The convenient Bug Out Bag includes survival gear, critical tools to respond to an emergency, and nonperishable food and water resources. The kit also includes a Mylar Emergency Tent that keeps the elements out and body heat in, and a solar-powered battery.

"Valley Food Storage is committed to delivering the best quality emergency preparedness kits available, for families who want to actively prepare for emergencies without compromising on food safety or quality," said Paul Jones, Director of Product Development, Valley Food Storage. "Our new Bug Out Bag features food that can be stored for 25 years and is still made from simple, recognizable ingredients that are free from additives and fillers. We stand behind our products, and we're proud to depend on them for the safety of our own families as well as yours."

Available for online orders and two-week delivery, the Valley Food Storage Bug Out Bag comes in a water-proof dry bag that is easy to store and carry. The kit's 30 servings of emergency food include non-GMO breakfast and entrée meals that can be stored for up to 25 years, including Strawberry Oatmeal, Apple Cream of Wheat, Mac N Cheese, and Chicken Teriyaki. The kit's Water Filtration Straw removes 99.9% of bacteria without the use of chemicals. Also included are a first aid kit, waterproof matches, high-grade paracord, stainless steel tactical knife, rugged multi-tool, LED headlamp, and glowstick. All Valley Food Storage products are backed by industry-leading customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

"When an emergency impacts your family – a snow or ice storm, hurricane, earthquake, or something else – seconds matter. A Bug Out Bag packed with the essential items your family needs to stay safe, hydrated, and fed in an emergency should be stored and ready to go when you need it. That's why our newest emergency preparedness kit checks the five C's of survival – Cutting, Combustion, Contain, Cover, and Cordage," said Jones.