The Osprey is a hygienic robotic case packing system that automatically loads stand-up pouches into cases, amongst other primary packages. With a quick install cartridge and tool change, food processors can quickly convert from flat pack orientation to vertical. This is ideal for retail-ready applications. An articulating gripper EOAT (end-of-arm-tool) picks up a flat pouch, orientates it vertically, and loads it into a unique loading cartridge. When fully loaded, the cartridge discharges the pouches vertically into the case. No vision changes are required between SKUs, adding to the machine’s flexibility.

The simplicity of this solution replaces typical “catcher’s mitt” type solutions or other complex mechanical setups. JLS has simplified vertical pack with this simple cartridge design and without the need to tilt or further orientate the case. 

“With an increase in consumer demand for products, paired with a spike in labor gaps, food processors require versatile solutions that replace complex processes,” said Craig Hafner, Vice President of Technology at JLS, who was instrumental in the development of the Osprey. “By simplifying vertical packing of pouches into cases, Osprey both solves labor gaps and streamlines production.”

Featuring high-payload IP69K-rated delta robots, sloped surfaces and open design, the case packer is suitable for working in even the harshest environments while providing easy access for cleaning and sanitation.


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