ProAmpac, a leader in flexible packaging and material science, has partnered with JBT Proseal, a leading tray sealing machine manufacturer, to offer North America’s first in-line sandwich packaging testing lab at ProAmpac’s Collaboration & Innovation Center (CIC). Designed to form and seal fresh sandwich packaging, Proseal’s GTSV machine will be used to optimize packaging design while allowing customers to run trials on new packaging formats without disrupting commercial production operations.  

“The recyclable fiber board sandwich packaging format is in early-stage adoption in North America. Having a facility to showcase the packaging functionality on a commercial scale sealing line allows our customers to experience this new technology,” states Irma Randles, ProAmpac’s global marketing manager for fresh food to-go. “The fiber format has been an industry mainstay in the UK for years and continues to grow. However, Proseal’s GTSV is the first in-line sandwich high-speed sealing machine in North America,” concludes Randles. 

ProAmpac Sandwich Wedge 

Available in day fresh and modified atmosphere options for longer shelf stability, ProAmpac’s Sandwich Wedge is a fiber-based package that includes a thin film lining for product viewing and freshness. Once the film is peeled away, the fiberboard packaging can be introduced into paper recycling streams. With minimal materials used and the majority made from certified renewable sources, the Sandwich Wedge is lightweight and shipped in a flat-pack design for easy distribution and storage.  

Proseal GTSV 

The GTSV is the world’s first modified atmosphere in-line carton sandwich wedge erecting and sealing machine with capabilities of up to 50 packs per minute in the Vacuum/Gas cycle. Also offering Atmospheric Seal mode, capable of up to 70 packs per minute, greatly reducing packaging time compared to rotary options and hand packaging. Along with increased efficiency, the hermetically sealed packaging extends sandwich shelf-life from one week up to one month while maintaining product quality which ultimately reduces food waste to landfill. 

“We have been working with ProAmpac for 20 years in Europe, and we are excited to extend our solutions and service partnership to North America. When customers see the Proseal machine erecting and sealing ProAmpac’s wedge packaging, they will be astounded at the speed, efficiency, and look of the product,” Kathy Lawrence, Category Sales Manager.

“We’re looking forward to having guests visit ProAmpac’s CIC to see first-hand how this in-line wedge machine, coupled with ProAmpac’s Sandwich Wedge and other award-winning fresh food-to-go packaging, will be a game changer in North America,” says Randles. 

For a video demonstration of Proseal’s GTSV machine forming and sealing ProAmpac’s Sandwich Wedge click here