Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery has expanded its Test Lab in Sturtevant, Wisconsin, allowing the company to further grow its capabilities in light of heightened demand from customers. The 3,000-square-foot facility allows Spee-Dee to replicate various plant conditions in-house, leading to a more accurate and reliable testing system for its customers.

“The ability to run tests similar to our customers’ plant conditions will allow us to provide exceptional service before their machinery even leaves Spee-Dee,” says Spee-Dee President and CEO Dave Navin.

Led by Applications Technical Expert and long-time Spee-Dee employee Dennis Mulder, the Lab process covers every part of testing with a goal of reaching maximum efficiency for customers. These customers are also welcomed to view their respective products at the Spee-Dee facility to gain a better understanding of how the process functions.

The Test Lab boasts several impressive features, including a new 15’ x 40’ mezzanine with five test bays. These test bays are able to handle a variety of functions and needs, depending on what is required of the product. Additionally, the Test Lab features a new racking system for improved storage space and full sanitary washdown capacities with temperature control capability.

The Test Lab is also equipped with a density meter device and a Powder Flow Test unit, which help Spee-Dee analyze data on any given product and adjust to its requirements.  

“The expansion of our test center is an essential component to providing our customers with excellent service, as well as continuing to expand our offerings,” Navin said.