Rapid Robotics, a company that uses automated technology to solve manufacturing labor shortages, has announced a partnership with Danish collaborative robot (cobot) producer Universal Robots in an effort to provide North American manufacturers with fast and flexible automation.

As part of the agreement, Universal Robots will supply cobot arms for Rapid Robotics’ deployment of cobot work cells around North America. This will allow Rapid Robotics to serve an even greater number of customers while maintaining the company’s swift deployment times.

“As the number of unfilled, critical manufacturing roles increases and global economic uncertainty continues to impact supply chains, more and more North American manufacturers are turning to automation,” said Jordan Kretchmer, CEO and Co-Founder of Rapid Robotics. “This collaboration with Universal Robots helps us deploy more cobots, with a wider variety of capabilities, at a faster rate, ultimately helping manufacturers of all shapes and sizes manage and even thrive through the adversity they are facing.”

Rapid Robotics can deploy all cobots in the Universal Robots product portfolio, and this will allow for expansion in key areas like palletization and box building and packaging. The two-week ship program of Universal Robots was also a draw for Rapid Robotics, as the program is one of the fastest in the industry. Combined with Rapid Robotics’ groundbreaking technology, customers can expect their cobots to be up and running in weeks, rather than months or years.

This partnership will make automation faster and more accessible than ever before, and both new and existing customers will see the benefits, as maintaining human labor will become less of an issue.

“Universal Robots has spent the last decade in North America focused on freeing up more manpower by automating a wide range of human-scale tasks with easy-to-deploy cobots,” said Bryan Bird, Universal Robots’ Regional Sales President. “We’re excited to work with Rapid Robotics in a partnership that will enable us to break down more automation barriers, deploying a robotic workforce to address those jobs manufacturers simply can’t staff.”

To learn more about Rapid Robotics, please visit https://www.rapidrobotics.com/.

To learn more about Universal Robots, please visit https://www.universal-robots.com/.