With 12.5 million pizzas expected to be sold on Super Bowl Sunday, DS Smith, a leading provider of sustainable fiber-based packaging, has called on football fans from all around the world to recycle their pizza boxes in an effort to boost sustainability awareness. 

According to a survey conducted by the company, in conjunction with the research firm Dynata, it was found that an alarming 40% of respondents know that pizza boxes are 100% recyclable, but they do not always recycle them.  

With the big game fast approaching, DS Smith wants football fans to recycle their pizza boxes and help create a sustainable future. 

“We are driven to make changes both big and small in how the packaging industry operates to contribute to a more sustainable future,” said DS Smith’s Melanie Galloway, vice president, sales, marketing and innovation. “Part of that mission includes educating consumers on what they can do to be part of the solution too, even something as simple as being sure to recycle your pizza boxes.”


DS Smith wants all consumers to know that pizza boxes can be recycled, which is important because any increase in recycling contributes to a circular economy designed to replace problem plastics, take carbon out of supply chains and prove innovative recycling solutions.


To help with this issue, DS Smith has produced a recyclable pizza pad, which is inserted under the pizza and used in the boxes of several nationally relevant pizza brands. The company sells millions of these pads every year, and they are 100% recyclable while also preserving the quality of the pizza. 


With these efforts from companies like DS Smith, the transition to a circular economy becomes more attainable, and the company wants to get consumers on board as well. 


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