Dylan’s Candy Bar’s chocolate wheel showcases 56 squares.

Dear Packaging Enthusiasts,

Well the holiday season is behind us and the New Year has just begun. New Year’s resolutions are forming and the indulgences of the holidays are put away. But before we set all things Holiday aside for another 12 months, I want to share briefly about an interesting gift of candy from a particularly colorful candy company that I spotted while Christmas shopping. It’s the Dylan’s Candy Bar’s signature chocolate wheel. And if the fact that its candy didn’t catch my eye, the bright colors and simple design of the packaging surely did!

The Dylan’s Candy Bar’s signature chocolate wheel showcases 56 squares of Belgian chocolate, in color-coded flavors including; s’mores, milk toffee crunch, dark espresso, almond and caramel. Each flavor has a different color wrapper so when displayed circularly the sides of the package create an appealing color wheel any artist or candy lover would appreciate. The chocolate wheel retails for about $40.

The company’s classic candy bars are a real packaging treat too- each flavor is adorned with a different colored label and all feature front and center the Dylan’s logo- a punchy logo with four symbols, each featuring what looks like a piece of candy. The four icons are a lollipop, an ice cream cone, a present and a martini. The company was created by Dylan Lauren (yes, daughter of Ralph Lauren). The bright colors, simple designs and fun look create a stroke of styling genius not unusual for the Lauren family. And since these designs are edible, they might just be my favorite.

Happy New Year! May it be a sweet one!


Liz Cuneo