Sitting with an ancient Navajo community around a fire with a woven, southwest-woolen blend of colors draping your back and a sunset below red-dyed cliffs across the desert, a traditional mescal goat meat recipe with a plethora of posole and ground chile spices cooked into the dish sits on your lap; or, across the Pacific sitting in a Japanese fusuma styled house and under the shadow of Mount Fuji, you delicately pick a freshly cured piece of sushi with shichimi togaras and gomasio spices enhancing each bite; once more, eating at a street corner restaurant adjacent to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, with vendors adorning each open square foot and foot traffic bustling past your Turkish delight, you sit and stare at your yaprak sarma pinched with urfa pepper and za’atar, a brazened dish, but the delicacy of each spice is in communion with your voyage for new and exotic flavor.

Taste is synonymous with any other sensory motive, to obtain totality, and to continually push the limits of adequacy, striving for that perfect flavor. RawSpiceBar ( humbly achieves much more than adequacy by providing freshly ground, expertly blended and perfectly portioned spice arrangements available to everyone with access to a computer. RawSpiceBar brings those daydream moments of international cuisine to reality for any food connoisseur; whether you are a small town foodie, or a big city food mogul. They bridge the gap from unobtainable appetite, to exotic authenticity delivered to your door. Through expert packaging, RawSpiceBar packages each spice according to monthly preferences in light and convenient pouches, stashed neatly in a simple but effective box. Each box contains origin of the region from which the spices are traveling from, and history of the impact of specific spices in that region, as well as a few regional food recipes.

RawSpiceBar collaborates with chefs who have an expertise in one specific region or geography, ensuring authenticity of each of their flavors and dishes. They deliver to those with passion, and to those with spontaneous appetites.

The spice collection fragrances the air with such pleasant aromas, and the meal that has been dreamt about for days is assimilated with the spices through the work of your hands. Take a seat, adjust your silverware, or maybe a pair of chopsticks if you find yourself bold enough, and take a bite of your well-deserved meal made possible by RawSpiceBar, which was placed on your front porch two hours prior. The authenticity of the exotica placed before you can take your sensory experience on a foreign expedition, like a stranger with virgin taste buds seeking cultural flavor; and this flavor transcends any barrier.