Ishida Europe has launched a new version of its ACP-700 series automatic case packing system (ACP) for snacks and other dry product packs, offering a fast, flexible and highly compact solution for a wide range of bag and case sizes and pack patterns.

The ACP-722 RRP offers one of the smallest footprints currently available, being up to 50% smaller than equivalent casepacker models. As well as saving valuable factory space, this also allows quick and easy installation and seamless integration into existing production lines. The single directional flow design produces a lean and compact line layout which can also easily accommodate twin lines. Top speed is 20 cases per minute.

Key to the machine’s small size is the combination of case infeed and alignment, bag sorting and packing as well as case closing and sealing in one single compact unit, removing the need for additional conveyors. This also means that all functions can be controlled from one HMI touch screen. Product changeover is initiated at the touch of a button. This process is completely automatic and performed in under three minutes, without requiring a skilled technician. 

The advanced HMI touch screen displays easy-to-use intuitive menus for machine set-up and monitoring. It allows the storing of up to 500 pre-sets, including photos of each pack format to minimize operator errors and can also alert operators to potential upstream issues, enabling them to take immediate action to minimize waste and unscheduled downtime.

The ACP-722 RRP can form part of a fully integrated snacks packing line, manufactured by Ishida, comprising of a multihead weigher, bagmaker, seal tester, checkweigher, X-ray inspection system and casepacker. Utilizing Ishida’s ITPS 2 software, set up and adjustment for the entire line can take place anywhere on the line from a single HMI screen.

As part of the integrated line, the ACP-722 RRP receives upstream pack air-fill data from the Ishida seal tester, enabling immediate adjustments to be made to ensure continuous and reliable high-speed packing, regardless of the operator skill set level.

In-line monitoring counts packs to ensure the correct number is delivered into every case.

The ACP-700 series of case packers is capable of handling bags between 108 and 330mm in width and up to 375mm in length with many different bag types including pillow, side gusset, flat bottom and HEM. These can be packed into various configurations and orientations, including retail ready display cases, without the need to change machine parts. In addition to tape sealing, side lock and push lock case closing options are also available.

“The snacks market remains highly competitive, and companies therefore need to maximize efficiencies in every part of their operations,” said Jim McGregor, Applications Engineer at Ishida Europe. “The ACP-722 RRP has been designed to ensure fast throughput without compromising on pack quality and presentation, delivering maximum return from a minimum footprint.”

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