Neutral Foods, the nation’s first carbon neutral foods company, has a brand new look for its cartons of organic whole and 2% milk, in an approachable design that sets it apart in the dairy aisle.

The updated packaging tells the story about Neutral’s work with farmers and explains what it means for its milk to be carbon neutral from “grass to glass.” The new cartons remind consumers that simple climate-friendly purchases have a positive impact on the planet while celebrating farmers, pasture-raised cows, and the great taste and nutrition of the products.

“Neutral has a story that most people haven’t heard before, so it can be a challenge to explain quickly and succinctly on a carton,” said Jill Visit, creative director, Neutral Foods. “We want consumers to know Neutral supports greenhouse gas reductions on farms in a way that conveys our sense of climate optimism and hopefulness – a core tenet of our brand.”

A veteran creative with decades of experience in the natural and organic industry, Visit hopes the packaging clearly demonstrates Neutral milk is of the highest quality and also helps save the planet. The packaging stresses that Neutral:

  • Cares for animals, people and the planet, from grass to glass. 
  • Measures every bit of greenhouse gas associated with its milk, from the farm,  to the store, and to the refrigerator. 
  • Works with family run farms to adopt practices that reduce dairy’s greenhouse gas emissions, to help protect our future. 
  • Offsets what can’t be reduced with renewable energy generated by dairy cows. 
  • Pours love, intention and impact into every carton of its delicious organic milk.

As Neutral continues to grow, it was time to evolve the design to make the brand promise easier for customers to understand. Neutral worked with Faven, a woman-led agency based in Colorado to add category-norm elements (like the cow), and update the messaging hierarchy to make it simple, legible, and in keeping with Neutral’s brand ethos of approachability and levity. 

“Our new carton design makes it even easier for consumers to find climate-smart products that help reduce their personal carbon footprints,” said Marcus Lovell Smith, CEO, Neutral Foods. “We love to enthusiastically point out we have a fantastic product that checks all the boxes that consumers demand including taste, quality, organic, pasture-raised and the added peace of mind that our milk is completely carbon neutral today, not decades from now.”

Neutral’s organic carbon neutral whole and 2% milk is available at Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Farmers Market, Misfits Market, Fresh Direct, and several regional and local chains and independent grocers, such as New Seasons in the Portland, Oregon, area.