On the evening of December 26, the Jennerjahn Machine plant in Matthews, Ind., caught fire.

“75% of the building is a total loss,” Jennerjahn Machine spokesperson Mark McNeal told Packaging Strategies in an email. “The good news is that the owner, Chris Jennerjahn, plans to rebuild.”

McNeal said the company already has started operations in a temporary facility.

In an update on the Jennerjahn Machine website, the company says, “We will need to temporarily relocate to continue our operations. We have already visited several sites, and we are optimistic that we will have a place secured and begin moving in shortly.”

The company adds: “All of our data was backed up and is fully intact. We have complete access to all of our business software and data, engineering drawings, and financial records. We have temporary office space available, and intend to have our Service, Engineering, Sales, IT and Administration departments set up and operating by Friday, January 5. We are working with local machine shops to keep our fabricated components flowing. We have received significant initial insurance funds to begin to replace inventory and work-in-progress materials. We are moving quickly to minimize lost time.”

The company plans to post additional updates to its website.

“In the next two weeks we will have a much better understanding of our situation, and path forward,” the most recent website update says. “Progress we have made already with our insurance company, contractors, and industrial sites has provided us with a great deal of optimism. We will follow up with additional information in two weeks.

“We understand there will be inconveniencies and difficulties in the short term, and we will use all of our resources to mitigate them. We appreciate your patience as we navigate through the next few weeks,” President Chris Jennerjahn says in the update.