Monadnock Paper Mills Inc., a family owned manufacturer of technical/specialty and premium printing and packaging papers, today announced that its mill is back up and running as of July 15 following a fire that was contained in the building’s electrical room on July 3. All employees in the mill at the time of the fire are safe. Monadnock lost minimal production time, customers experienced no interruptions in paper supply and all other areas of the business remained in operation due in part to scheduled summer maintenance, which coincided with the incident, and to the rapid response of employees and first responders.

Monadnock maintains a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in the event of such emergencies and its immediate and successful deployment enabled the company to reopen on schedule, restore all systems and complete regular summer maintenance. The company prides itself on its willingness to go above and beyond to ensure employee safety by following industry best practices and meeting compliance standards. In addition, Monadnock’s commitment to exceptional customer service, which includes ongoing communication with customers and suppliers, ensured consistent delivery of products.

“Emergencies such as this are never desired and always unexpected, but they do shed light on the dedication of our employees as well as the genuine care of the community, for which we are incredibly grateful,” says Richard Verney, chairman and chief executive officer, Monadnock Paper Mills. “The outpouring of concern and support from the community, employees, partners, customers and competitors during this time was gratifying, and we are pleased to have all areas of our business running at full speed again so that we can continue to deliver the high quality solutions our customers deserve.”

Monadnock Paper Mills is one of the oldest continuously operating paper mill in the U.S., manufacturing high performance papers for the printing, packaging and technical/specialty markets. The company aims to permeate the entire organization with sustainability, from an array of eco-friendly product offerings to its everyday business practices.