Sustainable packaging has taken center stage in recent years and will remain a key focus of the industry for years to come. Against this backdrop, Packaging Strategies is pleased to announce the launch of a new monthly eNewsletter – Sustainability Insider – dedicated to the latest news that can help converters and brands alike navigate their way toward more eco-friendly packaging.

Packaging Strategies already is a leader when it comes to reporting on sustainable packaging, providing timely updates on such issues as extended producer responsibility (EPR) legislation in the United States and EU regulations to reduce plastic waste.

The advantage of the monthly Sustainability Insider is that it will allow us to curate the most compelling stories related to sustainable packaging, many of which feature exclusive Packaging Strategies reporting that cannot be found anywhere else. The monthly eNewsletter also will allow us to take a deep dive into issues related to sustainable packaging, offering serious analysis where other news outlets just scratch the surface.

The drive toward sustainable packaging affects a wide array of markets – beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, dairy packaging, personal care packaging, meat and seafood packaging, and produce packaging, just to name a few. The drive toward sustainable packaging also includes many routes, including recyclable packaging, compostable packaging and reusable packaging. Sustainability Insider will report on the latest developments and innovations pertaining to all of these markets and pathways.

Coming to your inbox the first Monday every month, be sure to register for the Sustainability Insider eNewsletter so you don’t miss out on the latest developments in sustainable packaging!