Sweety Ice Cream, the high-quality mochi ice cream brand, has unveiled its new visual identity to further its mission of spreading the joy of mochi. Stacey and Sean Lee, and Tiffany Yang were children in 1978 when their parents opened their first ice cream shop ‘Sweetie’ in Monterey Park, CA, serving authentic Asian-flavored mochi ice creams. As the treats grew in popularity, the entire family became involved, learning how to make their dad’s perfectly soft and bouncy mochi dough recipe and working weekends to pack orders which ultimately led them to take over Sweety after their parents’ retirement.

Sweety’s treats use only natural ingredients, extracts, and farm-fresh milk from local California cows. The three-bite treats include beloved Asian flavors like green tea, ube, and red bean and classic American flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.  

Over the past several years, a myriad of new brands have entered the market, but Sweety remains the gold standard for perfectly crafted mochi ice cream with a product experience that is on par with fresh treats from a local shop. 

With added competition, Sweety’s scrappy, minimal design and colorful packaging needed to work harder to tell its story and convince consumers why they should choose it over other brands. They came to Chase Design Group to redesign and bring to life a brand with modern Asian positioning and an ownable visual identity reflecting its deep story and heritage.

“The Sweety story is what sets them apart from all the other brands and was one of our top priorities from the start, to make sure that everything felt tied to their family in an authentic but fresh way that would connect with consumers,” says Narae Park, Director of Accounts, Chase Design Group.

The refreshed logo blends historical reverence with contemporary flair. Soft rounded letter forms capture the bounciness of the cloud-like mochi ice cream. “Our team spent a lot of time and care crafting each letter based on photographs of the original logo mounted on the family’s first brick-and-mortar ice cream shop,” says Ryan Doro, Senior Designer, Chase Design Group. A new tagline, “Asian Treats Family Made Since 1978,” creates a direct link to the brand's rich heritage and family values.

The packaging features family photographs, handwritten signatures, and a narrative that forges a personal connection with consumers. The design elements, from the bright flavor colors, large logo, and authentic ingredient photography, ensure Sweety's products stand out in the crowded ice cream aisle. Each element, including the cloudscape background and gold linework, is a nod to the brand's Asian heritage and commitment to quality. A new mochi mascot, ‘Mo’, adds whimsy and fun to the brand and is featured on the back of the packaging as well as off pack.

Recognizing the unique challenges of the frozen food aisle, the design ensures clarity and appeal even through frosty freezer doors. Large identifiers, distinguishable flavor colors, and appetizing imagery are key to standing out in a competitive space. The brand architecture is designed for versatility, supporting flavor extensions and new combinations with ease.

From off-pack activations, brand swag, point-of-sale materials, to tradeshow booths, social media, website, and advertising, every touchpoint was meticulously considered so that a cohesive, flexible, and distinct visual language that is unmistakably Sweety is designed to build brand recognition and captivate consumers.

According to Tiffany Yang, Chief Marketing Officer, Sweety’s, “We are delighted to unveil Sweety’s rebrand. Our goal when launching Sweety was to honor our heritage and our parents, who introduced us and so many in our community to the joy of mochi ice cream, and to share the joy of these treasured treats with people across the country. Chase truly encapsulated our original and evolved vision –– the team who worked with us deeply resonated with our mission, and innately understood how to translate our commitment to quality, heritage, and innovation into a visual world.”

Currently the brand is sold in Walmart, Safeway/Albertsons, and regional chains like Nugget, Lassens, Harmons Grocery and Food Bazaar.