Candor Expedite, a transportation leader known for its ability to exceed expectations with time-sensitive shipments, on Wednesday announced its expansion with the launch of an innovation-driven cold chain division. Candor Food Chain combines the company’s national shipping services with a unique technology – a fully reusable cold packaging solution that allows pallet and box-sized frozen and refrigerated shipments to go by regular transport and stay frozen or refrigerated for up to nine days.

Candor Expedite’s Food Chain is the first and exclusive U.S. company to introduce this technology through a partnership with Cool Chain, a European technology provider that has been successfully working with pharmaceutical companies for over a decade.

“I've witnessed the challenges shippers face in the frozen and refrigerated market. The excessive expenditure, along with issues like damaged products and delayed deliveries, is alarming,” said Nicole Glenn, founder and CEO of Candor Expedite. “We’re excited to bring this new, unique technology to the food industry – reducing costs, eliminating claims, and offering real-time temperature and location monitoring.”

By consolidating deliveries of perishable and dry goods in one truck that supports three different temperatures —frozen, refrigerated and ambient — food manufacturers, distributors and retailers can eliminate the costs of multiple deliveries across the United States.

Candor Food Chain Features:

  • Food Chain’s technology sets a new bar for temperature-controlled and accountable shipping. Temperatures range from 10-degrees through 70-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Temperature readings & GPS tracking with live feeds on the products’ temperature and location.
  • No dry ice – specific size boxes or pallets can hold temperature for 4 days on the small boxes and for up to 9 days for a pallet.
  • In addition to reducing carbon and refrigerant emissions, the boxes are reusable and contain no harmful toxins. Nor does it require extra insulation and cardboard (which often gets discarded) or dry ice, which can emit a dangerous carbon dioxide gas as it melts.
  • All boxes/pallets are 100% reusable: From start to finish, Candor Food Chain covers all bases for the shipper/consignee – from pick-up to delivery, followed by a stringent cleaning and conditioning.
  • Human/Tech Ratio: There is always a logistics expert on hand to monitor any changes in the temperature and respond accordingly.
  • Shippers can use any mode of transportation with Food Chain’s packaging, including: local distribution center to stores; regional; and OTR capabilities.

“Our customers feel like heroes because they now have a way to cut out a large amount of wasted money, energy, and packaging while feeling good about meeting environmental goals,” said Tyler Wiard, Director of Business Development of Candor Expedite and Food Chain. “We’re a proud, woman-owned business which shippers appreciate as they strive to meet Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) goals.”

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