Nuspark is now Rychiger, and with this change comes over 125 years of combined experience.  

Founded over a century ago, Rychiger has established itself as a pioneer in primary packaging equipment, known for its innovative solutions and unwavering commitment to quality. Nuspark, with two decades of experience in providing end-of-line packaging solutions, has built a reputation for reliability, efficiency, and versatility in meeting the diverse needs of its cliental. 

The evolution into Rychiger represents a seamless integration of cutting-edge technology, rich heritage, and groundbreaking innovation, all united under a single, dynamic brand offering primary, secondary, and tertiary equipment solutions.

"The completion of the Nuspark acquisition and brand transition marks an important chapter in our company's history," said Marco Stalder, CEO of Rychiger Canada. "By integrating Nuspark's expertise and product offerings into the Rychiger brand, we aim to enhance value for our customers and provide them with a more comprehensive range of solutions to meet their packaging needs."

It has come to Nuspark’s attention that its new name, Rychiger, might pose a bit of challenge.  

The company is tackling this head-on with its "Pronunciation" campaign.  Through a series of instructional videos, as well as print and banner ads, the company aims to guide customers through the proper pronunciation of Rychiger. One such informational video can be watched by clicking here.

Looking ahead, Rychiger is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as it combines the strengths of both companies under a unified group. 

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