In the last 18 months, bottled water has come under some of the most virulent attacks experienced by any consumable products.

Faced with declining sales during 2002 to 2007, juice manufacturers are cutting down on sugar content and beefing up shelf appeal.

In the last year, juice packagers have made a strong effort to produce products that are organic, fresh and shelf-stable. Whether the product blends organic fruit juices with grape pomace extract to increase antioxidants (such as Embodi), or contains a harmonious medley of fruit and vegetable juices to appeal to people who don’t like vegetables (such as Juicy Juice’s Harvest Surprise and Campbell’s V8 Fusion), good-for-you juices and juice drinks are increasingly being joined with educational packaging.

Companies are answering consumer demands for easy-to-understand nutritional guidelines by rolling out products with more on-pack information and health-and-wellness tips for consumers to follow.

Keeping profits in mind, juice manufacturers have been optimizing both single- and multi-serve containers for barrier (to extend shelf life) and sustainability (to minimize material use). F&BP


Coca-Cola is refreshing its orange juices due to the decreasing popularity of frozen juice concentrate. While a can of Minute Maid frozen orange juice concentrate may seem appealing in terms of convenience of packaging and storage, consumers are increasingly turning toward Coca-Cola’s all-natural Odwalla and Simply Orange (the latter’s package known for its unique carafe design) for ready-to-drink refreshment.


Nestlé is dedicated to keeping consumers informed and educated, as shown through its new label development. Printed on every pack, the Nutritional Compass informs consumers about the product’s nutrient content and provides health tips.


PepsiCo’s new products include the ultra-premium Tropicana Pure Valencia orange juice, which is contained in an elegant, hourglass-shaped polyethylene terephthalate bottle; and the new Izze Fortified sparkling juice beverages, supplemented by 10% U.S.recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Niacin, which is packaged in a slim 8.4-ounce aluminum can.