Advancements in spice and condiment packaging add new flavor to the segment.


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As the spices and condiments themselves do not change very drastically or very often, producers of these items often rely on packaging creativity to stay relevant and alluring to consumers. Innovations in packaging that appeal to consumers’ interest in protecting the environment, their appetite for the new and exciting and their desire for healthy options appear to be the way off the shelf and into the kitchen.

 As the world gets “greener” in more and more ways every day, some spice/condiment manufacturers are moving toward packages that can help draw in consumers who make purchases based on eco-friendliness. ASDA, a supermarket chain in the UK, has decided to switch its Chosen By You salad dressings from a glass bottle to a 250ml PET container, which is estimated to create a 90% reduction in weight, reduce shipping costs and lower the product’s carbon footprint. The bottle is designed by the Association of Petrochemical Producers in Europe’s (APPE) ( facilities in Belgium and has a high resistance to shattering and breakages during manufacturing and shipping.