Snickers wrap allows consumers to reseal

A new twist-literally-on wrapping allows consumers to enjoy half of their Snickers bar now, half later, in secure packaging.

Snickers, the iconic candy bar from Mars, comes in a 3.29-ounce two-piece size with an innovative memory film twist wrap design. Consumers can eat one of the bar’s two pieces and simply twist the wrapping closed to secure the second piece. The suggested retail price is $1.29.

Resealable cans can still stack

Monster energy drink from Hansen Natural Corp. has been introduced to the U.S. with a reclosable top.

Monster Import comes in 550-milliliter aluminum cans, filled in Holland and shipped to the United States. The top is a resealable end supplied by Ball Corp. The flat plastic disk rotates to open or seal off the can’s aperture.

Unlike other devices for resealing metal cans, the disk, trade-named Ball Resealable End, allows cans to be stacked. Cans featuring the Ball Resealable End were introduced last year in Europe, and attracted attention from Monster execs at a Spanish trade show.

Ball Corp.

Small formula bottle mimics its big brother

A 2.5-ounce version of an existing nutritional beverage from Hormel Health Labs is in a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle from Amcor PET Packaging.

Hormel, a division of Diamond Crystal, wanted a small version of Healthy Shot, its high-protein supplement, for elderly and other protein-deficient patients who have trouble consuming a full beverage serving. The 2.5-ounce version features bottom ribs to accommodate the vacuum caused by hot filling, while leaving a smooth surface above to show shrink labeling to maximum advantage.

Amcor PET Packaging

Shrink sleeve holds fish cans

A shrink sleeve unitizes four cans of salmon so effectively that it looks like a single large can.

The five-ounce cans of Bumble Bee Atlantic Salmon come in a club store four-pack, unitized by a shrink sleeve from Printpack. The sleeve is made from polylactic acid (PLA), a corn-derived polymer, and is gravure-printed in seven colors. The PLA, from Earthfirst, allows Bumble Bee to put an “Eco-Friendly Package” seal on the label.

Printpack Inc.