The X45 from FlexLink is designed for small packages.

Material handling is so important that a wag once described a food processing plant as “a series of conveyors interrupted at various points.”

Here, without interruption, are some of the latest products from major conveyor suppliers.

FlexLink Inc. has introduced the X45 and X45e conveyor platforms. Designed for small products and packages, the X45 offers easy integration with machines and space-efficient filling, production and packaging lines. Sophisticated 24-volt drive units, and puck handling modules with embedded controls, simplify controls engineering and enable high line efficiency. Power consumption is very low due to the efficient PM motor and transmission. All is radio-frequency identification (RFID)-prepared, facilitating track and trace and automated QA capability.

FlexLink also has introduced a spiral elevator that allows transport of goods, up or down in manufacturing and packaging lines, or for the distribution between the line and the warehousing area. The spiral elevator offers efficient elevation without stop losses, a compact footprint and trouble free operation. The FlexLink spiral elevator is a standardized module offering a short delivery time, fast installation and ramp-up. The elevation is in the range of 59 to 157.5 inches, with inlet heights of  31.5, 35.4 or 39.4 inches.

tnais rolling out the roflo HM 3 horizontal conveyor. Thanks to its unique gateless design, the tna roflo HM 3 rapidly yet gently transports product so breakages or loss of flavors and coatings are minimized, while the risk of cross-contamination and accumulation are eliminated. The system is also totally reversible and boasts tna’s innovative “switcheroo” technology. This changes the way multiple pans connect, allowing simultaneous movement of product in several directions on just one line.

The Live-Drum Spiral Conveyor from Nercon uses a cylindrical drum that assists in driving the modular plastic belt.

Nercon Eng. & Mfg.has a new Live-Drum Spiral Conveyor that utilizes a cylindrical drum that assists in driving the modular plastic belt. Benefits include low belt tension, increased elevation changes and capacity, design and product range versatility and low maintenance.

The benefit of low belt tension allows for exceptionally long runs translating into significantly increased number of tiers. The substantial quantity of conveying belt in this relatively small footprint offers manufacturers increased production and profitability.

The center-drive belt conveyor from Dorner offers as much as five times longer life span than end-drive models.

Dorner Manufacturing’sAquaGard sanitary stainless steel conveyor platform now comes with a center-drive motor option. Designed for the AquaGard 7360 Series, the center-drive belt conveyor offers as much as five times longer life span than end-drive models. Center-drive conveyors also allow conveyors to be extended to 83 feet, reducing the number of conveyors and drives required to move product long distances.

AmbaFlexspecializes in spiral conveyors. Its SpiralVeyor SVM is an elevator/accumulator with multiple-track chain-belt technology. It is designed to convey individual bottles and cans in both single-lane conveyance and mass flow. The SpiralVeyor SVM saves valuable floor space compared to traditional straight inclined chain conveyors. It also compares very favorably to side-grip elevators. It eliminates the need to combine lines, enabling compact line design.

Arrowhead Conveyor Corp. has introduced the ArrowElite roller-less case conveyor. ArrowElite’s design incorporates both tabletop and mat-top carrying surfaces to provide maximum product support for packages like shrink bundles without corrugated trays. Optional powered transfers reduce line pressure and ensure smooth product handling throughout the system. ArrowElite eliminates “point contact” areas common to live roller conveyors, providing full product support to reduce scuffing of decorated packages. It can handle rigid, film-wrapped and flexible packages.

Hytrol Conveyor Co.has rolled out a Timing-Belt Transfer as an accessory to its E24 line of motor-driven roller conveyors. The Timing Belt Transfer features powered timing-belt strands and a pneumatic lift to transfer packages between conveyor segments. Its neoprene timing belts are coated with urethane to ensure positive grip when transferring the product.  The drive sheaves come standard with ABEC-1 bearings, contributing to longer transfer life.

SpanTech LLChas introduced the MC300HD conveyor, its latest product to feature MicroSpan chain technology. The tight-knit MicroSpan chain, with its 300-millimeter (11.8-inch) width and 5mm pitch, gives the MC300HD a strong, stable base for the transport of even small, delicate items. The drive has all elements completely protected in metal housing narrower than the conveyor, and can be mounted at any point between the conveyor ends. The MicroSpan chain is fully contained under the bed frame, with no catenary, sagging or drooping.

Hartness Int’lhas introduced the Model 7350 Elevator/Lowerator. The 7350 uses an endless conveyor that prevents the product from needing to be transferred after it enters the system. The helical design provides elevation changes in a more compact and value-added manner. The simple design allows the system to be flawlessly integrated with little effort or expertise.