Innovations in Beverage Packaging.

These examples comprise some of the coolest, most innovative developments for the packaging of beverages either in the market or in development.  

The very cool, self-chilling West Coast Chill Pure Energy  

In March, Joseph Company Int’l, Irvine, CA, debuted West Coast Chill Pure Energy drinks in self-chilling cans. Using Micro Cooling technology developed, patented and licensed through its Chill Can division (, the can uses carbon dioxide reclaimed from the atmosphere and activated carbon from a renewable vegetable source, the company reports. A push of the activation button lowers the temperature of the can by 30 degrees Fahrenheit within three minutes. Suggested retail price for one can is $3.50 to $3.95. In 1998, the technology was ready to launch with the Pepsi Cola Company, but in that same year the Chill Can System hit an environmental roadblock because the technology relied on the harmful HFC134A, the replacement for CFC Freon. This setback put the product on hold and prompted another 9 years of redesign utilizing a patented “Activated Carbon” made from organic renewable vegetable materials and reclaimed carbon dioxide which has become the basis of the revamped, environmentally-safe chilling technology.

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