Fuji Impulse’sVG-402/602 Series Nozzle Type Sealers feature a built-in ONPUL Temperature Control System for high precision vacuum and gas-flush package sealing. The ONPUL controls heating temperatures by measuring them right at the heating element. The system’s low-profile temperature sensor comes in direct contact with the heater, preventing the temperature from exceeding the preset temperature, and allowing for hours of operation. The microcomputer controller enables operators to choose from and easily set 13 different sealing methods.

 The vacuum sealing function of the VG-402/602 Series Sealers is designed to flush the air inside of the bag and reduce the package volume or for using oxygen scavenger to extend the life of the product. The gas-flush sealing function fills the bag with nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation, or with carbon dioxide to prevent spoilage or mold growth or to create bacteriostatic or insect-repellent effects.

 To prevent contaminants from entering into and damaging the vacuum pump, the VG-402/602 Series is equipped with an air filter as standard. The system’s water drain device automatically discharges materials from the air filter after each sealing process.For flexibility, the VG-402/602 Series offers four operating modes: multiple gas flush cycle; single gas flush cycle; vacuum + seal; and seal only. To accommodate bags with varying contents, the sealer head of the VG-402/602 Series is adjustable from 0 – 30º.

 Fuji Impulse offers a choice of four vacuum pumps and three air source drives in varying configurations to meet a variety of requirements, including high vacuum rate and clean room applications.

 The VG-402 accepts bag sizes up to 40cm (15.75 inches), and the VG-602 accepts bag sizes up to 60cm (23.62 inches).

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