The Triangle Package Machinery ( X-Series vertical form-fill-seal baggers are faster, cleaner and smarter. Available in three different finishes, the X-Series is designed to perform in the harshest packaging environments, and will meet the standards required for your application with ease.

Sanitation was a key design criteria when the X-series first hit the drawing board.The idea was to build on the success of previous models, but take the X-Series to the next level. Triangle‘s USDA model includes the following sanitation-enhanced features:
  •   Electropolished stainless steel frame with continuously welded frames ground smooth

  •   Stainless steel control box and washdown rated servo motors

  •   Extended stainless steel top plate with drain and cross members rotated 45-degrees to facilitate “drip-drain-draw”

  •  Stainless steel laser-sealed / bearing-free film rollers (patent-pending)
In addition to the bagger,Triangle also offers a stainless steel USDA-Certified forming tube assembly that is lighter and more sanitary than others on the market. All Triangle baggers come standard with continuously welded frames to reduce vibration. Each model features stainless steel pull-belt assemblies and anodized aluminum jaw carriers.