The largest size Thermic Ultra retortable barrier jar fromRPC Containers Corby( – the 3.8 litre American gallon – has proved the ideal packing solution for leading olive supplier Aceitunas del Guadalquivir, based in Moron de la Frontera, Seville, Spain.

The new jar has been specifically developed to meet the needs of the olive industry, for which the American gallon is a popular size in the foodservice sector. The Thermic Ultra provides a pack format that combines safety and ease of handling with long shelf life and the ability to withstand the rigours of high temperature filling processes, including hot fill, pasteurization and sterilization to 122°C.

The polypropylene jar weighs just 160g compared to around 1.7kg for the more traditional glass format. As well as ease of handling and the elimination of breakages – vital benefits during filling and distribution and especially in busy foodservice environments – the light weight jars’ reduced transport costs can make an important contribution to companies’ carbon reduction targets.

The six-layer structure incorporates EVOH to create an effective barrier to oxygen ingress which gives the olives a shelf life in excess of 12 months. The contact clear material enhances the product’s on-shelf appeal and jars can be labeled or sleeved to help create individual brand identities

Because the jars mimic the shape of a glass jar, they are able to run on existing filling lines with only a modification required for the capping equipment. The 100mm closure features a barrier induction heat sealed foil and is available from RPC Halstead, enabling RPC to offer a complete pack solution.

“The 3.8l Thermic Ultra jar is just what we have been waiting for, combining vital safety and convenience benefits with the required size and shelf life,” comments Ismael Escobar, R&D Manager, Aceitunas del Guadalquivir. “We have also been delighted with the high levels of service from RPC.”

The Thermic Ultra jar won the prestigious Horners Bottlemakers Award 2011.