Understanding that eco-friendly and economical products are incredibly important for manufactures,GaleWrap(www.galewrap.com), a stretch wrap film provider, has introduced GaleWrap LITE Oriented Film. The new hand wrap reduces stretch film usage while providing superior hold for odd or unstable loads.   

With a 60-70 gauge performance equivalent, GaleWrap LITE rolls are also stronger than pre-stretched films of equal weight. This allows for greater load integrity and less wasted film due to breaks or tears. LITE also provides users with puncture resistant material- GaleWrap’s films are manufactured using its patented Inline Orientation Process.

“LITE Oriented Film saves our customers time and money on every pallet,” says Michael Klear, business development manager, ITW GaleWrap. “We are constantly looking for ways to address our client’s needs. Improved functionality, eco-friendly attributes and economical options are at the top of their lists.  LITE Oriented Film overwhelmingly provides these benefits.”

Beyond cost and sustainability, warehouse employees will also benefit from the LITE Oriented Film. The new rolls are also lighter than conventional 70-gauge films and easier to maneuver, which reduce the risk of injury.  In addition, the product comes with ITW GaleWrap’s signature attributes; hemmed edges and Tug ‘n’ Snug™ features. The films edges are literally doubled (or hemmed).  This ensures the film won’t break or tear if the roll is dropped or falls- a common incident in most facilities. GaleWrap’s Tug ‘n’ Snug feature allows workers to simply tug the wrap around the corners of the load instead of having to pull and stretch the film 150% while wrapping- making it very easy use and minimizing the need for employee training. 

The new GaleWrap LITE Oriented Film also comes in environmentally friendly packaging-it’s packaged in bulk with 192 or 128 rolls per pallet (pending roll width) with no corrugated boxes, helping to eliminate packaging waste.   

Available in 60-70 gauge performance equivalents, LITE Oriented Film comes in 15 inch or 18 inch width and 2000 length.