TheDelkor( Capstone L1-500 is the latest addition to Delkor’s family of closure solutions.

This closer incorporates a low cost corrugated base tray to provide carton support, coupled with a graphic paperboard carton lid to seal in and protect the product. The end result is a product that uses less material, thereby lowering costs, with added visual shelf appeal for any Retail Ready applica­tion.

The L1-500 has a compact footprint that saves on production space, a robust design to ensure de­cades of dependable service and a hygienic stainless steel construction with Washdown IP67 for easy clean­ing. It also features an ergonomically designed low-level, pneumatic blank magazine which facilitates easy blank loading.

Delkor’s newest closer offers fast, versatile and precise changeover in 5 minutes. The Delkor Capstone L1-500 readily adapts to other packages and applications with simple tool-less changeovers. This saves time and money and increases productivity.