For applications that require easily readable variable data codes on dark or difficult to mark materials,Videojet Technologies Inc.has designed the new Videojet® 1710 small character continuous ink jet printer. The printer uses high-contrast, pigmented inks to create bright, clean codes on surfaces for which dye-based inks are not effective, such as colored glass, rubber tubing, plastic cabling and dark paperboard.

The Videojet 1710 printer can apply up to five lines of high-resolution print at speeds up to 888 feet per minute (271 meters per minute). It is capable of printing a variety of fonts in multiple languages, as well as linear bar codes, 2D DataMatrix codes, custom logos and graphics.

The Videojet 1710 features Videojet’s Advanced Clean Flow printhead design that maximizes uptime by reducing the frequency of printhead cleanings, even with the toughest pigment inks. The printer uses the proven Smart Cartridge™ fluid system in use at tens of thousands of production lines across the world. By reading the embedded microchip, the printer confirms that compatible fluid has been installed to prevent errors in ink types or switching make-up and ink fluids. Saving time and money, the Smart Cartridge fluid system is designed to drain completely, wasting no residual fluids. The needle-and-septum design eliminates the need for operators to pour ink, preventing fluid spillage and waste.

Designed to deliver reliable operation in intermittent duty-cycle operations, the Videojet 1710 can be put into standby mode with power to the unit but not printing for up to two weeks, and then be put on-line and ready to print in less than six minutes. This is made possible by the unit’s automatic flush at shutdown, automated stirring of the ink, the innovative Core and software to manage ink and printer recirculation. Core change-out is simple and mess-free, and can be done by the user. Pigmented filters and components with similar life spans are clustered for reliability and easy maintenance.

The Videojet 1710 is easy to integrate into existing systems with advanced connectivity technology, including its USB port, which allows for hot swapping print jobs and backing up messages. The convenience of off-site control and diagnostics via Ethernet capability through CLARiSOFT® and CLARiNET® software enables simple, seamless real-time message changes. Troubleshooting is a simple matter of pressing a button on the operator interface; a pop-up window assists the operator in assessing the issue and resolving it.

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