For manufacturers looking to minimize stretch film usage without compromising the integrity of pallet loads,ITW Muller ( introduces its latest machine stretch wrap film- REDUCER™. This high strength, thin gauge film is produced using a new, proprietary formulation and compliments the proven, high quality Eliminator cast and ST blown films. As a result, REDUCER has the highest force-to-film weight ratio on the market. The five- layer, cast metallocene formulation and unique structure allows for a thinner, yet stronger film that protects the product better than most machine stretch wrap films on the market today.

ITW Muller has had success converting customers who were using 70, and sometimes even 80 ga films, to the new REDUCER.  This results in savings of 10-20%. Beyond the inherent savings, the REDUCER film also contains superior containment. It can further be pre-stretched up to 300% without compromising the stiffness required to secure and retain loads. In addition, it has a high level of puncture resistance and low level of film breaks. The REDUCER unwinds quietly -reducing warehouse noise. It is crystal clear, even at low stretch levels, enabling greater product identification and bar code reading.

Available in 43 and 63 gauge, REDUCER also comes in 20” or 30” width and 7500’ or 10500’ length.