With their 28-mm necks, O.Berk’s Laboratory Syrup Bottles are easy to fill and pour and the tamper-proof design keeps the contents safe and secure. These heavy duty, amber-colored bottles are ideal for storing and handling viscous fluids such as cough and other syrups, as well as concentrated flavors and fragrances.

Available in a range of 13 different capacities from 30 ml through 1-liter, all with interchangeable closures, the amber color is ideal for light-sensitive liquids.  Self-adhesive labels adhere readily to their smooth glass, easy-to-grip surface so their contents can be quickly and easily identified.  Their screw-on plastic closures can even be silk screened with a corporate logo or other graphics. The bottles are strong and durable enough to withstand frequent handling, even the large 1-liter bottle is easy to pick up and handle, weighing 1.33 lb, and has a diameter of 3.8 inch and is 8.86 inch tall.