Axon (, powered by Pro Mach (, introduced an innovative steam heat-shrink tunnel for contract packagers and brand owners looking for the benefits of steam, but at a price similar to standard convective-heat tunnels.

The new ThermoJet heat-shrink tunnel features a large heat zone where two steam manifolds and multi-position mandrels direct steam for optimum shrinkage of a label, sleeve, or tamper band. For greater flexibility, ThermoJet comes equipped with a cantilevered stand that facilitates moving the tunnel between packaging lines. ThermoJet steam-heat tunnels can be delivered quickly to meet customers’ tight scheduling requirements.

Flexibility defines this innovative product, and to accomplish this Axon unbundled typical steam tunnel features so that customers can choose to buy the standard ThermoJet with cantilevered stand or add components necessary for the application, including steam generator, steam regulator, and exhaust fans and blowers.

ThermoJet accommodates containers 1 to 7.75 inches in diameter. Maximum container height is 12 inches. ThermoJet steam tunnels are 60 inches long, 30 inches wide, and are fabricated from #304 stainless steel.

“Over the past two years, Axon aggressively redesigned its steam and infrared tunnels and also introduced the 300-sleeves-per-minute Aurora series of mandrel style shrink-sleeve applicators,” says Brad Wegner, vice president and general manager, Axon.

“During this period, Axon changed its approach to mechanical, electronic, and software engineering and now delivers new products to market and to customers faster than ever before – products that feature greater modularity, ease of operation, and technical support. These steps demonstrate Axon’s commitment to aggressively innovate and to offer customers industry leading price/performance solutions for high quality packaging.”