Ecologic Brands( is expanding its eco.bottle™ line with a versatile 3L canister that can hold a variety of products, such as protein and laundry powders, coffee beans, snacks and other dry goods. The canister is an eco-minded alternative to rigid plastic containers these products are currently sold in.

The canister will debut on store shelves this fall, adding another sustainable choice in packaging for consumers and brands. The outer molded fiber shell is made with 100% recycled cardboard and newspapers. A thin inner pouch made from recyclable LDPE holds the product inside and completes the versatile package.

The canister was developed by Oakland, CA based Ecologic Brands. The new container’s key benefits remain consistent with other offerings in the eco.bottle line: it is compostable, recyclable, reduces plastic and produces less waste in landfills. In fact, since March 2011, Ecologic’s 1.2+ million cardboard bottles have reduced plastic consumption by nearly 85 tons.

Ecologic’s paper bottles are good for business too. Seventh Generation, the first brand to adopt Ecologic’s packaging for its highly concentrated Natural 4X Laundry Detergent, reports a 19% increase in the company’s laundry detergent shipments in a year, driven mainly by their new product in the Ecologic  package.  

Eco.canister’s technical specs:
Assembled size: 6.297” x 6.297” x 9.75”
Material Construction: Pressed, thermoformed -OCC / ONP Fiber
Volume, Weight: Holds 3L of product that weigh ~2 lbs
Closure: 110mm-40 cap