With the launch ofCarnaudMetalbox Engineering’s (CMB Engineering,www.CMBEcanmaking.com) Sterling Necker, a multiple-stage die necking system for two-piece aluminum or steel can production, can manufacturers have access to a new, cost-effective, mid-range necking system. This latest addition to the company’s necker range can handle 1,800 cans per minute, ideal for small and mid-sized can manufacturers. 

The modular design of the Sterling Necker facilitates easy incorporation into existing production lines, taking space constraints into account. It also allows customers to install additional necking stages as and when needed. The necker has eight tooling heads per stage, ensuring low running and maintenance costs.

CMB Engineering’s range of necking machines has been designed to lower maintenance requirements through the reduction of moving parts. The necking process is performed over a larger process angle (240 degrees over the traditional 180 degrees). This has the benefit of reducing the internal forces within the machine, maintaining can quality while decreasing the amount of wear and tear on the machine components and lowering downtime and maintenance costs.

“For small and medium sized canmakers, enhancing production efficiency while maintaining can quality is a key concern,” explains Jim Cozier, General Manager, CarnaudMetalbox Engineering. “CMB Engineering developed the Sterling Necker to provide these customers with a necking system that is tailored to their needs, with low running costs and the ability to install additional necking stages as needed.”

The Sterling Necker is also available with a range of optional additional features. For example, the system can be fitted with an Internal Base Reforming unit, further strengthening the dome of the can base to enable canmakers to use thinner coil stock and reduce the weight of their cans. Sencon Light Detection technology can also be installed to automatically monitor can quality and shape consistency through its advanced vision inspection system. The full range of CMB Engineering Neckers can have additional intermediate infeeds installed to allow a greater range of can sizes, all in one system.