Xerox Corp.’s ( iGen® family of digital presses and toners are compliant with Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) guidelines for dry foods. Customized folding cartons can now be created quickly and cost-effectively, speeding time to market, increasing brand recognition and driving sales.

According to industry consultancy Pira International, the worldwide digital printing market for packaging and labels is expected to reach $6.75 billion by 2014. With Xerox’s digital packaging solution, printers can offer more short-run packaging options to marketers, addressing promotional needs ranging from nationwide launches and regional brands, to specialty items and prototype products. While there are a variety of applications, here are some examples:
  • Branded boxes for handmade pastas sold at regional markets,

  • Containers for party favors for social events such as weddings,

  • Packaging for custom-blended coffees and teas manufactured locally and distributed regionally.
“FDA compliance is a significant advancement for Xerox and should open a new market for printers creating limited quantities of customized packages,” says Joel Bienvenu, research manager, Production Print, IDC. “Additionally, the print quality and color vibrancy of the iGen4 press allow manufacturers to add ‘pop’ to their product packaging.”

The iGen4 press can quickly store and reprint thousands of folding carton SKUs and easily switches from one job to the next, providing the flexibility and speed needed in today’s changing marketplace. Other benefits of Xerox’s packaging solution include the:
  • Capability to reduce costs related to warehousing, storage and disposal of obsolete cartons – allowing brand owners to apply their marketing dollars to more valuable activities.

  • Opportunity to produce the entire print campaign, from creating the package to producing marketing collateral, such as point-of-sale signage.

  • Ability to support seasonally focused marketing campaigns and respond more rapidly in competitive markets.