CTC Plastics(www.ctcplastics.com) announces two new products that are changing the industry: pallets and resin compounds. These two new CTC Plastics plastic products now contain Lehigh Technologies’ Micronized Rubber Powder (MRP) made from end-of-life tire material.  Both products are made from 100% recycled materials that perform the same as virgin material, but cost less, passing the savings on to customers.

 “We’re really excited about these new products. Together we have created a competitive product made from an innovative choice of raw materials,” remarks John Dennis, CTC Plastics Chief Operating Officer. “These sustainable pallets, made from 100% recycled material just like all of our products, are making a huge impact on companies’ carbon footprints and have also given us an unbeatable cost and performance. We also guarantee to buy back damaged or end of life pallets to be reused in the next generation of plastic products.”

Pallets made with Lehigh’s micronized rubber powder, MicroDyne™ can be purchased from CTC’s pallet line. Micronized rubber resin compounds, formally titled Xpro Rubber Batch, can be purchased as-is or to be used in a CTC custom molded product. CTC Plastics’ two new products help companies reach their sustainability objectives through the use of green resins, or through their supply chain by using a more environmentally-friendly pallet.