Milk bags get placed into specially designed household pitchers for a delivery system that cuts packaging waste by 75%.

British food retailer Sainsbury’s recently rolled out milk in flexible plastic bags, meant to be used with a specially designed pitcher.

Consumers place the two-pint bag into the pitcher, trade-named Jugit. The Jugit has a spike that pierces the bag, forming a leakproof seal and allowing the milk to be poured through the spout. The spike attachment is the only part of Jugit that needs to be cleaned between uses, making the system more convenient for consumers. Jugit is sold with two spike attachments so that consumers can switch bags without having to wash the attachment right away.

Sainsbury’s estimates that bags will cut packaging waste by up to 75%. Jugit was developed by Dairy Crest, the supplier that provides the milk, and is produced by RPC Containers. Milk has been sold in bags in Canada and other countries for decades, but the Jugit system is the first instance of bags sold in conjunction with a fitted permanent container.

RPC Containers