Hormel Foods continues to innovate in the shelf-stable chili market, this time with Hormel Chili Meals in portable microwavable trays that heat up in only 90 seconds.

According to a recent proprietary study conducted for Hormel by GfK Consumer, a division of GfK Custom Research North America, 92% of U.S. households consume chili. This statistic shows the food’s popularity across age groups, but Hormel understands that traditional canned chili isn’t always the best option for today’s active lifestyles. That’s why it developed this new line of chili meals in a microwavable package.

Sold in supermarkets nationwide for an average retail price of $2.49, Hormel Chili Meals are available in three combinations: Chili ’n Mac, Chili ’n Penne and Chili ’n Spuds.