Simply Functional debuts panel-less hot-fill bottle that mimics glass for its chia-based salsas. 

Simply Functional LLC, a supplier of specialty health foods, has launched theChiaSmartline of salsas in new 12-ounce, ring-neck PET bottles fromAmcor Rigid Plastics.

The stock hot-fill container delivers performance and cost advantages including portability, light weight, and reduced transportation costs for distribution via Simply Functional’s online fundraising channel and at retail and natural food stores.

“Amcor’s bottle is a premium option that uniquely meets our distribution needs,” says Alex Sedlecky, chief operating officer for Simply Functional. “It is light weight, break-resistant, recyclable, and mimics the appearance of glass.”

The 29-gram bottle weighs nearly 90% less than glass, resulting in a weight savings of 6.8 pounds per 12-pack case, or approximately 1,100 pounds per pallet load, according to Sedlecky. It uses Amcor’sPowerFlextechnology, a patented panel-less design for hot fill. A patented designed base has a unique diaphragm that draws upward as the liquid cools. The smooth panel also makes the bottle easy to label.

The bottle offers pleasing aesthetics and strong shelf appeal for the ChiaSmart brand, which is targeted to health- and “green”-conscious consumers. The ChiaSmart line of salsas, salad dressings, and barbecue sauces are based on chia, a grain. In addition to its online distribution channel, the salsa products are sold at Hy-Vee, a chain of 232 retail stores throughout the Midwest.

Simply Functional plans to transition to ambient-fill 12-ounce PET containers for its salad dressing and hot-fill 12-ounce PET bottles for its barbecue sauce products, replacing competitive plastics.

The ChiaSmart salsa products are co-packed byBodine Etc. Specialty Foods,a co-packer in Clearwater, Fla. Greg Watkins, vice president of Bodine Etc. Specialty Foods, says the PET bottles are seamlessly integrated into existing glass lines with minimal adjustment. Amcor sells the containers to Bodine in 12-count reshippers.