Amcor has adapted its design technology to develop the first polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles for pasteurized beer in Brazil.

The company designed custom 600 ml containers for beverage maker New Age Bebidas, Leme, São Paulo, that feature a glass-like, champagne-style base with the convenience of a lightweight and shatter-resistant PET.  Amcor’s design highlights New Age’s Salzburg craft beer brand and differentiates it from standard glass bottle designs. It features a crown metal cap, a nod to the standard glass bottle.

The PET containers are a replacement for glass during the filling and capping process, withstanding the internal pressure and high-heat conditions of the tunnel pasteurization process. Amcor uses an oxygen scavenger barrier additive to prevent oxygen ingress and egress, providing up to four months of shelf life. The bottle is compatible with existing recycling streams and is 100% recyclable.