Frog’s Leap, a family owned and operated winery in Napa Valley, announces the release of its newest innovation, Flycatcher, a fresh and vibrant California red wine that represents a new chapter in the winery’s four-decade exploration of the Golden State’s rich terroirs.  This wine is available for purchase now, inviting wine oenophiles and aficionados alike to experience the unique and bright notes of this inviting red blend.

The blend showcases old vine Zinfandel from the Mokelumne River, steeply sloped Petite Sirah and Merlot from the Yorkville Highlands in Mendocino, and Syrah from the Carneros district of Napa. Under the guidance of Rory Williams, Vice President, Viticulture & Enology and Winemaker, working alongside his father, John Williams, Founder and Winemaker, this wine marks the first Frog’s Leap offering developed under Rory’s leadership. It embodies a generational dedication to sustainability and a profound respect for the land.

"Flycatcher is a labor of love that blends the unique expertise and approach of Frog’s Leap with a fresh perspective. Working closely with my father, we've infused Flycatcher with the essence of our signature wines," said Rory Williams. "This wine is intentionally crafted to pair seamlessly with nearly everything."

Intended to be enjoyed regularly, rather than collected, Flycatcher is a perfect addition to restaurant wine lists and home collections alike. The wine’s accessible price point of $35 per bottle and lively character are designed to appeal broadly, suitable for various settings from casual gatherings to formal occasions.  

Flycatcher also introduces innovative packaging that reflects Frog’s Leap’s ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship. The wine comes in an ultra-lightweight glass bottle and features a wash-off label, among the first of its kind for California wine that enhances its recyclability and takes a step toward a more sustainable, circular glass economy.

"Flycatcher represents a bold step forward for Frog's Leap, both in the vineyard and in our sustainability efforts," said John Williams. "This wine is not only a love letter to California's diverse terroirs, offering a fresh, juicy, and deliciously drinkable experience, but it also carries a serious message. By introducing a lightweight bottle with an easily removed label, we're taking our first step towards a future where wine bottles are reused rather than discarded. We hope Flycatcher catches your attention and sparks conversations about the small changes we can make to impact the bigger picture positively."

Frog’s Leap Flycatcher California Red Wine can be purchased directly through the Frog’s Leap’s website,

About Frog’s Leap Winery

Established in 1981 by John Williams in the heart of Napa Valley, Frog's Leap has been a standard-bearer for balance, restraint, and respect for terroir since its inception. With over 40 years dedicated to organic farming and sustainable winemaking practices, Frog's Leap not only produces wines of exceptional quality but also champions a legacy of environmental stewardship and community engagement. For more information, visit