AriZona Beverages relaunch switches from clear glass to blue PET bottle.

Relaunch from AriZona Beverages switches from clear glass to blue PET bottles.

AriZona Beverages USA LLC, Woodbury, N.Y., has brought back its popular Piña Colada beverage, the company’s original “Virgin Cocktail.” And it’s got a whole new look with a blue polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle.

Before, Piña Colada was in a clear 20-ounce glass bottle with a full-body shrink label and neck label. Relaunching this month, the new version features a custom 20-ounce blue PET “Tallboy” bottle.

According to AriZone Beverages spokesperson Chelsea Phelps, “We switched to the PET bottles because they are lighter in weight to ship, have less breakage issues and are No. 1 PET recyclable.”

The custom bottle is supplied by bothConstarandGraham Packaging.

Food & Beverage Packagingis told that the blue PET bottle provides the same ultraviolet (UV) protection as the amber PET bottles that AriZona also uses. Both bottles contain special barriers to protect the product from oxygen.

Distribution begins in March and will continue nationwide throughout 2011.

Piña Colada carries a suggested retail price of $1.

-Rick Lingle, Executive Editor