Beverages packaged in PET bottles.

GNC, a specialty retailer of nutritional products, with its licensee partner, Shadow Beverages LLC, has now entered the ready-to-drink beverage category in new markets with an extensive range of Nutritional Waters, Sport Nutrition, and Protein Nutrition Beverages. Supplying the Extra-Lok V 38-mm OD, compression-molded polypropylene cap for the new line of GNC Advanced Nutrition Beverages isClosure Systems Intl. (

The GNC beverage line includes "XP"/Extreme Performance drinks, targeted toward intense performance athletes, and "Active" drinks, formulated to meet the hydration and metabolic needs of more mainstream active consumers. The GNC Nutritional Waters, Sport Nutrition, and Protein Nutrition Beverages are packaged in 14- and 20-oz PET bottles fromGraham Packaging. ( The "XP" beverage bottles have black labels and black closures, while the "Active" bottles use white labels and clear closures.

CSI's lightweight cap was chosen over alternative closure options due to its premium look, consumer safety features, and optimal sealing and application performance. Equally important were the technical expertise and customer services CSI provided, according to Allen Warner, director of supply chain for Shadow Beverages.

Distribution of the new line of GNC beverages, currently consisting of 14 SKU's, has begun through various U.S. channels.