McClure’s Pickles, the nation’s premier producer of gourmet pickled goods and condiments, has launched a new ready-to-drink Bloody Mary cocktail. A first for the brand, each Ready-To-Drink Bloody Mary Cocktail highlights McClure’s signature Bloody Mary Mix paired with vodka and canned from Michigan’s own Pigeon Hill Brewing Company.

McClure’s brings the new RTD cocktails to market, which builds on the success of its signature Spicy Bloody Mary Mix – now also available in Mild flavor. The brand introduces the single-serve 12 oz. cans with 7.5 percent alcohol by volume into a competitive alcohol category where brothers, Bob and Joe McClure, noticed a gap that needed to be filled. In partnership with Pigeon Hill Brewing Co., each batch is made with simple ingredients and delivers a new way to love the McClure’s Bloody Mary recipe consumers already know and love.

The cocktails will be available at retailers wherever McClure’s products are sold throughout Michigan this spring. Shoppers looking for the decadence of a Bloody Mary and the ease of a premixed cocktail will relish the quality of McClure’s new offering.