The glass carafe that holds New Orleans-style Garden District Bloody Mary mix is completely re-usable and recyclable. The neck leaves enough room to add vodka or another spirit to the line that says "fill with spirit." After adding spirits, consumers can simply shake and serve. This package has been designed for gifting with seasonal gift tags tied on with ribbon featuring sayings like "Have a Bloody Mary Christmas™" or "Let's Drink and Get Bloody Mary." The back of the bottle has “to” and “from” preprinted to easily gift on the go.

Once the mix is gone, the metal lid reseals and the back label clean peels thanks to special temporary adhesive. The receiver is left with a gift after the gift is gone. Each bottle is hand printed so that when the consumer keeps the bottle and uses it for other things they keep this brand top of mind. Garden District Blog Mary mix even features uses for their bottle on Pinterest.

Berlin Packaging( sourced the bottle and Crown ( makes the resealable lid. Everything except for the custom tamper-proof seal is made in America.

The company tried to think of everything a good hostess from New Orleans would require in a gift item. They hope this pushes boundaries of bottling. According to company founder, Stephanie Sanoja, people often buy for the bottle, but return because it tastes so good.