In the marijuana marketplace, one company leads the sustainable cannabis cultivation forefront and is revolutionizing how cannabis is packaged and sold: Anthony Franciosi, founder of Honest Marijuana Company. Honest Marijuana Company packages cannabis in Earth-friendly, reusable tin cans that are brand-new to the industry. The cans keep the product extra fresh. And, they use all-natural growing methods to cultivate eco-conscious cannabis. 

In contrast to the countless cannabis companies who package their product in disposable plastic containers, Honest Marijuana Company's cannabis is packaged and sold in recyclable tin cans with pure nitrogen to ensure only the highest level of integrity and quality. This environmentally sound packaging allows for the product to stay in its purest form and not be deteriorated by light or oxygen. Impermeable to oxygen and residual humidity, the tin cans are also inert to temperature fluctuations, meaning that they don't secrete any chemical compounds that will kill the fresh aroma of the cannabis terpenes. The cans preserve the cannabis flowers for years! With this revolutionary new packaging, Anthony hopes to inspire other cannabis companies to place a greater focus on sustainability and caring for Mother Earth.

Anthony Franciosi, founder of Honest Marijuana Company, started growing strains as a healthier way to relieve the pain from years of sports injuries, rather than ingest and possibly get addicted to pain killers. Using organic nutrients like kelp and fish food, the company's plants work symbiotically with the natural nutrients in the soil, so the plant reaches out and draws from the soil precisely what it needs, primarily iron and copper. 

“After working in landscaping for many years, I decided to turn my passion for green living, all-natural marijuana cultivation, and holistic pain relief into a full-time career... I grew in a small facility focused on pesticide-free, organic methods, which I believe is the only option for connoisseur quality,” says Franciosi.

Through a "top feeding" method, Honest Marijuana Company ensures that 5% or less water is wasted in their facility. Their top-of-the-line sediment filter keeps sediment, chlorine and other harmful elements out of their water supply and out of the town's sewage system. The water chilled climate control system uses 30% less electricity than a standard HVAC system, and it also grabs wasted power and feeds it back into the system to be reused, resulting an additional 10% energy savings. When the external ambient temperature is below 45 degrees, their system is able to utilize the outside air and convert it into another 60-70% energy savings.