Blue Marlin helps Orchard Pig to hog the limelight.

Brand design specialistBlue Marlin( has created a dynamic and charming identity to enable artisan cider and juice producer Orchard Pig to scale its core business and move into the mainstream. The new look, which has recently been rolled out, encompasses on premise and off trade across 16 products.

Blue Marlin has worked with Orchard Pig for five years, back when it was a niche brand. Now that it has grown into a bona fide brand, it needed a new look to vault it into the big time while reinforcing its credibility as a top quality producer with an expanding portfolio of authentic products.

“Orchard Pig is a real colorful character and quite simply one of a kind. To reinforce this, the new labels have been designed to make Orchard Pig stand out from the herd by celebrating its hero, provenance and natural individuality. Playful copy, unconventional color, graphic discovery and a bit of mischief have been combined to appeal to our free-spirited fans and their thirst to explore,” comments Orchard Pig managing director Andrew Quinlan.

“What the re-design has done is create a herd, Orchard Pig’s family if you like, while at the same time provide much clearer product differentiation between ciders and fruit juices, and specifically the individual varieties within these categories, to make the range easier for consumers to navigate,” he concludes.

Blue Marlin has given each product a fun and memorable name. For the ciders, led by bestseller Reveller, the new names reflect Orchard Pig’s character: a truly loveable swine! And for the delicious juice range, they offer a playful way of communicating the invigorating flavors, and importantly make a splash about the new trio of unconventional sparklers: Totally Minted, Very Berried and Deeply Rooted.

Blue Marlin Bath creative director Chris Hart says:, “Orchard Pig is a wonderfully playful brand. We wanted to capture and celebrate the fact that the Orchard Pig is a distinctively different animal that chooses not to play by the category rules. That led us to our big idea, which underpins the entire design and branding piece: upset the apple cart. Harnessing this playfulness through design, we have made Orchard Pig much more engaging to consumers and trade customers alike.”