In Zone Brands revamps sleeve graphics and changes HDPE bottle size and shape.

In Zone Brands, Atlanta, makers of BellyWashers, TummyTickler, and TummyTickler Tots healthy and fun children's beverages, showcased new product packaging at the recent 2011 Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA.

One new packaging feature is a transition of the TummyTickler brand from an 8-oz high-density polyethylene bottle to a 6-oz HDPE bottle. As recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the new serving size will better address the beverage needs of preschool children, ages 3-5.

Additionally, the TummyTickler bottle shape now matches that of the contoured BellyWashers and TummyTickler Tots bottles, which offers a grip shape and size optimized for children's small hands.

"It's no secret that 100% fruit juice helps provide children with important nutrients for growth and development," says Ayana Parsons, marketing director for TummyTickler, "but a children's beverage solution that is encouraged as part of an overall balanced diet and delivered in a unique package format that kids love is a win-win for moms and kids."

Shrink sleeve graphics changes

Bottle graphics of the three brands have also been revised to clearly identify and communicate brand product attributes, including: healthy 100% juice, flavor identification, no spill, and, in the case of TummyTickler Tots, 40% less sugar. These changes instantly speak to mom, letting her know that she is choosing a healthy beverage, with the fun and flavor her kids love, the company reports.

The sleeve designer isGoodwin Design Group.

“Goodwin was instrumental in helping us refresh our packaging in a way that helps maintain our brand equity - for instance, keeping our checkerboard pattern on our TummyTickler and TummyTickler Tots bottles,” In Zone Brand’s Traci Strom tellsFood & Beverage Packaging. “They were also most helpful in assisting with a cooler, more hip look for our BellyWashers, to help attract grade schoolers. And all of our toppers are developed in house - we work closely with our licensors as well when it comes to topper development.”

Available nationwide, BellyWashers fruit punch is sold in eye-catching, 8-oz interactive bottles, TummyTickler apple juice is sold in 6-oz character-topped bottles, and TummyTickler Tots apple juice premixed with purified water is sold in character-topped 4-oz bottles.

-Rick Lingle, Editor in chief