GNP announces conveniently packed frozen chicken.

GNP Co. has launched a new frozen chicken product line. With the flavor of fresh chicken and the versatility of frozen,Gold’n Plump new premium frozen chicken is packaged in a box, giving retail customers an attractive freezer display and added convenience.

 “We see this as a win-win for both our customers and consumers,” says Tracy Miller, director of new product development for GNP.  According to Miller, the offerings simplify merchandising and inventory management for customers, because all packages are fixed-weight, scannable and have use-by dates. “All carton products also use the same shipper, which should streamline stocking and storage for our customers,” she adds.

Along with the company’s own insights, Miller states that, “industry research has shown that more than half of consumers say they purchase meat in bulk and freeze for future use, and that meal-sized portion packaging was a purchase driver for 30% of shoppers. That research was important in driving packaging design for this line,” she adds. Accordingly, cartons contain individually, vacuum-packed servings, so consumers can use just what they need as well as minimize freezer burn.  The pouch packaging reduces the need to touch chicken while opening, and gets rid of soaker pads, foam trays and sticky overwrap.

 “In addition to the convenience and ‘no touch’ features, consumers also will like the fact that the carton is easily recycled,” says Miller. Also according to the director, each package features four-color photography, providing serving suggestions and contains a recipe, which is “not always possible on fresh tray packs, due to limited space,” she adds.

Suggested retail prices for the new line range from $4.99 to $14.99.